Google Analytics

By Rajeev Soraba

What is Google Analytics

& How To Use It?


Google Analytics is a free Web Analytical tool provided by Google to capture the information of the website. It’s the most popular web analytical software. It makes available valuable insights into your website that can help you to come up with a marketing strategy.


How does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics works by inserting a Script/JavaScript on your website page.  The code collects the information and sends the hits, queries, session spends, bounce rate and much more vital information on the website. This helps to track the performance of the website. Based on the Website performance, the marketer will take action on the strategy.


Why should we use it?

For any marketer, data collection is a very important task. Based on the data collection, one can come up with a future plan for website performance. It helps to understand the funnel and anyone can determine, where exactly, we should focus on optimizing the data.


What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

    • Free Software
    • Helps to understand user-flow
    • Acquisition of customer
    • Conversion
    • Behaviour of your customer
    • New Vs returning users
    • Goal Setup
    • Visitor segmentation
    • Paid and Organic comparison
    • And many more


To conclude, Google Analytics is one must-have application to track and analyze the performance of the website. Be it a fresher or more experienced user, the first glimpse of your website analysis stays with Google Analytical tool.